London Calling

Very satisfying recent tour with Nigel Kennedy ( see previous post). Can’t ask for more than a programme of Bach, Kreisler, Bartok, Django, Hendrix and Mr Kennedy’s own compositions. All against a backdrop of the most beautiful and mountainous regions of Poland, Bulgaria and Switzerland. Looking forward muchly to future projects with Mr (actually I think technically Doctor) Kennedy and will update as they materialise…

Put in a fleeting appearance with Dr Nigel at the Proms in the Park before he hotfooted it back to Albert Hall for the Last Night where he added a much needed touch of class before the descent into the traditional orgy of flag waving and sentiment that no nation should really be indulging in, considering it’s 2013 and everything.

Apart from the odd trip to the west end for session work I’m currently in my secret underground bunker revisiting some unfinished media music compositions, but mainly working on an instructional project for Jamtracks Central on the ‘Art of Soloing’. Twenty solid minutes of melodic improvisation proving a challenge of focus and stamina equivalent to a Wimbledon final… except that I can re-take things and the eyes of the world aren’t watching admittedly. Yes, there’s just me in the bunker – although sometimes I think I detect movement.


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