January Rambles Splendid

Been a while since I last updated here because I’ve been knitting a scarf. Also my standard Merry-Go-Round of commercial sessions, media music, projects (fledgling and abandoned) would make for rather a routine read. None the less, delighted to have kicked off this year with a flurry of acivitity between the twilight world of Soho studios and a live project with Mr Nigel K. Clouds of touring portent are skidding wistfully over distant shores but it aint never happening till you hit that first chord. This is the lore of Rock ‘n’ Roll…

Had a quick leaf through Robert Plant-A Life. What an insult to a great artist. A speculative shameful melange of joylessly creative editing and misattributed quotes made by people who couldn’t possibly have been in places where events occurred that couldn’t possibly have happened. All with an insipid, but faintly venomous, tabloid level vocabulary. In other words I’d save your money.

While I’m busy (and quite enjoying, shows huh!?) clarifying a coupla things, a friend of mine called me a ‘jazz guitarist’ which is a bit of a posh title. If you’re into labels at all, that’s a highly specialist and dedicated zone and respectfully I can’t touch that. Hey, I’m just into a lot of stuff and do what I do man, you dig!

Coolness and Happy New Year all!


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