The News.

On holiday is the theory. However, through random circumstance, a trio gig came up outside Warsaw so why not eh? Thanks to Adam and Tomasz for rocking it. Ah, post travel daze again. Passport none too dusty. No sir.

Much to update. I’ll be gearing up for Nigel K’s UK Hendrix tour soon. Then off to Europe again for reunion gigs with the Bach to the Future and Bach meets Kennedy bands. Following on, looking forward to getting back behind the desk to for mix tweaks to ‘The Three Sisters’ album. Also another album project is brewing up that I’ll be co-producing with Nigel. It’s a real privilege to have such stimulating work. Nothing will ever beat the immediacy of live performance but (lack of twelve hour commutes aside) the studio is such an absorbing environment and to hear the finest players coming at you through good monitors and a lush SSL desk is a hell of a buzz.

…and kindly permit me to say that If you can stick with it through the bumps, music is an increasingly rewarding and expansive experience. There are always fresh angles to take sonically, conceptually and in presentation. There is no absolute. It’s a journey outwardly and inwardly, and that is where much of the joy of it lies.

So there you go. Have a doughnut.

Anyway just catching up back here and I’ll update the gig list once I have full confirmation.


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