An opinion

Everyone has one. Well Ok then here is mine.

The internet is a wonderful thing to promote and inform but beyond that is currently degrading human beings beyond belief and I am talking specifically about…’social media’. Sure I’ve had a dip in myself a while back but very quickly became aware that interaction over the medium works havoc with the reward centre of the brain and the responses of the  central nervous system just like any other drug.

Typically mankind develops technology far in advance of it’s emotional maturity to use such technology responsibly and we are currently in a dark age of shallow inauthenticity due to the fact that we are ‘interacting’ via algorithms specifically designed for data mining  for the purposes of power and profit.

Social interaction via the net is not connecting people but disconnecting them. It is most often a sea of frantic waving arms all desperate for attention, validation and a negation of the feeling of insignificance we all have when contemplating the vastness of the human school and the apparent infinity of time and space.

My subjective truth  is your opinion does not matter unless it is particularly and uniquely well informed,expressed or at least genuinely witty. This is a relatively rare phenomenon however we may flatter ourselves. Face it. We’re most likely just adding to the general and unbearable noise.

Let’s really get down to it. That new pic of yourself you posted may not be quite as alluring as your commentators would have you believe for instance. Not everything you do and think is that wonderful ,though you could be forgiven for thinking that by the army of ‘friends’ all falling over each other to tell you so. Sorry to tell you but they are all competing themselves to show how socially aware, supportive, big hearted etc they are and hoping to get some of that shit back from you and others. Such opinions if genuinely held will be expressed privately to you, or if you are really lucky you may even hear something critical. I don’t ever want to stay where I am. I want to learn, grow and progress in everything I do. I like compliments as much as anyone but where I have moved forward it is because people have been courageous and loving enough to tell me things that I have found highly uncomfortable and unless it was done just to hurt (a defensive spasm is different) then I thank and value those people with all my heart.

There is no nutrient in the public social arena anymore than there is in refined sugar or cocaine. Just feeding that bottomless and insatiable monster we call the ego. I am not anti-ego by any means but it does need careful management if it is not going to turn on you and eat you alive.

In my philosophy an artist is a seeker of truth. A sorter of wheat from chaff. The ideal is to go about your work privately and with dignity until such time as you are ready to present it. Then do it with an open heart and make yourself vulnerable. If you can’t take a critical kicking from friend or foe then you are a coward which, in every sense, is the antithesis of The True Artist.

…and in this, and in everything you are, trust NOTHING on social media.








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