Been a challenging time with family issues. Without going into detail I can least say the pressure is finally off me now and I can’t see much ahead but blue skies,more freedom and a lot of lovely noise.  I have a helluva backlog of work in progress. In particular, I have been recording some new music for a second solo album. I seem to have a good compositional flow at the moment so I’m taking full advantage of that.I also want to put some time into photography,  painting and a book I am writing about music. Much more…

Livewise, recent live highlights have been Nigel Kennedy’s Hendrix band expanded for Berlin’s superb twenty three piece Kammerorchestra with a triumphant open air show in Bavaria. Also memorable was an appearance at the Burg Herzberg rock festival sandwiched between Walter Trout’s band and Radio Moscow. serious energy and some happy memories of storming Caravan shows there too.

In the studio I’ve particularly enjoyed a recent electric mandolin session attempting to  emulate the Southern Indian style of the great U. Srinivas, with a sitar and tabla player. The mandolin itself is an unusual solid four string model made by Kentucky. A very cool thing  and I’m thinking of adding it to the general tool kit….

Gigs imminent. Please check the page and stay bright and peaceful!


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