News Update

…or date up news which is where we news up on the date. In this case unfortunately that means our upcoming gig with Nigel Kennedy’s Hendrix band in Istanbul has been postponed till next year. We will still be bringing it to The Brighton Dome late next month though and playing loud enough so they can still hear it in Turkey (Istanbul is usually in Turkey).
On that subject looking forward to reviving NK’s Hendrix with orchestra project next spring. The debut in Germany this year was a total triumph. Dates coming soon…
Another date to news up on is December 23rd when ‘My World’
the new album by Nigel that I co-produced is released. More comprehensive news on this nearer the time when I will be plugging it mercilessly. Delighted that this will be followed by a vinyl pressing too.
In other news I’m currently playing on the second solo album by Caravan cohort and good mate Jan Schelhaas ( I enjoyed playing on his previous outing ‘Dark Ships’ enormously) and also in the midst of composing an ambitious and large scale project for live performance and eventual recording that I anticipate will emerge around next summer and that I’m a little superstitious to go into too much detail about!… excited though, yep you bet.
Super fine vibes to you all!

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