NK in UK. Gala Concerts.

Still slightly stunned from Nigel Kennedy’s concerts at Birmingham Symphony Hall and London Royal Albert Hall. Never jaded about playing, it’s a deeper joy all the time but it’s hard to quantify what it means to a musician to share the stage not only with the maestro but with such ultra special guests as  Jean-luc Ponty, and Georgi Nandreev.

Also great to see Robert Plant again and indeed a couple of days later when we sat in on Debbie Bonham’s gig in Worcester (for which I broke out my 335. Tone! Forgotten how much these guitars come alive in a way a solid never does ). Debs and Pete, her bloke and guitarist are old mates and I’m looking forward to touring with them when I’m teaming up with Debs in May for the Paul Rogers tour. Details coming soon. Just catching up here…

Throw in a some commercial sessions and I’m grateful for a fine a start to a working year as I’ve ever had. Nigel’s two concerts in particular I was thrilled to be involved with. Somewhat overwhelming to meet so many high calibre musicians, and to re-unite with colleagues of great excellence. All in all way too much to process. Multiple flashbacks, sounds, faces and places all collide and I find myself slightly floating. I’ll be refreshing this site as I drift back to earth. Lots more great stuff looming for this year. Stay tuned!


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