Allan Holdsworth

I can’t allow the passing of Allan Holdsworth to go without comment. He was a major influence on my sound and technique in my formative years but I was really grabbed by the individuality and emotional truth in the music and this is what led me on. He was clearly one of the great musicians in a truly global sense. His compositions and unique,exploratory harmonic mechanisms reveal an artist as rooted in European classical music as the rock, progressive and jazz settings he found himself in.

The guitar was just a tool to him. The antithesis of players such as Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck, there was always the sense that he was battling through the instrument to get to the music pure, rather than allow it’s idiosyncracies to dictate his approach in any sense.

His modesty in his achievements was legendary but I have no doubt whatsoever that his name and music will endure down the centuries as one of the great musical visionaries and pioneers along with Bach, Stravinsky, Coltrane and The Beatles.

So God speed Allan Holdsworth. With the greatest respect, affection and thanks for the leaving the world a little more beautiful than you found it.


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