Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Going to be splendid to be hooking up with maestro Nigel Kennedy again for concerts in Europe and UK in May. Much fresh repertoire and some familiar…George, Johan, Nigel, Jimi, Antonio et al. Yes as I cast my hands mysteriously over my crystal ball I see a line of guitar stands, some olympic level tuning, a bunch of tiny dots on a page, gluten free bread (quite procurable) and sweet vibes from all quarters (ditto). Working should be a pleasure innit…so looking forward to this. Orange times ahead. Hey It’s only sonic flower arranging but I like it.

Many moons since my last update. Largely immersed in a huge project related to my late great friend Phil Miller and his legacy. We’re feeling our way and the archive is already huge as you can see, and growing exponentially so please bear with us while we catalogue, listen, research and generally catch up. The link’s here. Enjoy.

Otherwise I’m back on the sessions. I’ve always enjoyed that focused but fun vibe. Plus I get to ride on the Central line which really is as spectacular and atmospheric as they say.

Exponentially is a new word I am working up. I think it worked well today and I am confident I will soon be using it quite casually.


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