Gigs, Gershwin and Gibsons

Great to be playing with Nigel Kennedy again at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival this weekend and fabulous to get my teeth into his arrangements of George Gershwin, ranging from Porgy and Bess, Rhapsody in Blue to Oh Lady be Good. Nigel also has a strong new Kletzmer flavoured composition ‘The Magician of Lubin’ based on the Isaac Singer book -looking forward to reading that. Apart from some Bach and Django this was all new music to me. A brand new band too. I’ve toured with them all individually but for them all to become avaliable at once is terrific. With Rolf Bussalb on guitar, Yaron Stavi on bass and Pete Adams on Cello we truly have the A team and the whole thing couldn’t fail to sound anything than total dynamite. Please check the Gigs page for upcoming dates.

This gig was the first outing for my Godin 5th Avenue guitar. Those looking for a bit of an Eddie Lang vibe should check this one out. I am also forming an association with another major guitar company. Details coming soon…

Few can have failed to notice the current financial crisis of the iconic Gibson guitar company as well as the social media rumour mill throwing out it’s wildly speculative angles; one such being that Joe Bonnamassa is in the running as a major share holding CEO. This strikes me as unlikely, although as someone who is famously business canny and as a brand in himself could raise the finance, quite feasible. Either way Joe has been the ultimate ambassador for classic Gibsons and as someone with a demonstrable passion for the beasts is the perfect kind of person for the gig. I have bought Custom Shop and Memphis Gibsons over the past few years and am of the opinion the Gibson have been making the finest, most solidly built guitars they ever have. Long may they thrive – and so they will under the auspices of a CEO who truly cares for, and respects the history of the brand.


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